South Texas Energy and Economic Roundtable
South Texas Energy and Economic Roundtable

Eagle Ford Excellence Awards

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Eagle Ford Excellence Awards presented by STEER. This event provides both oil and gas companies and their contractors an opportunity to be acknowledged for their efforts in preserving the environment, contributing to the communities in which they work, and promoting safety in and around the workplace.

STEER represents the 16 largest operators in the Eagle Ford Shale region and focuses on facilitating communication and the enhancement of the industry and the communities in which they operate. STEER stands by its commitment to protect and preserve the health of the environment, communities and individuals in our South Texas communities.

The recipients of Eagle Ford Excellence Award recipients will be recognized as a leading organization throughout the oil and gas industry as well as the entire Eagle Ford Shale region. These organizations set the standard in being a good corporate citizen and STEER is honored to provide a forum to recognize companies who make it their priority.

We look forward to receiving your entries and nominations. Thank you for doing your part to protect and preserve the land and citizens of the Eagle Ford Shale region.

Best regards,
Omar Garcia
President and CEO, STEER

Eagle Ford Excellence Awards Entry Instructions:

Choose one or more categories, submit the corresponding entry form (below) along with a descriptive essay not to exceed 500 words, and any supporting materials including, but not limited to, testimonials, project descriptions, case studies, photos, and published articles. Return the form and supporting materials to STEER at or PO Box 831668, San Antonio, TX 78283.


For printable entry forms and award category descriptions, click on the links below.

STEER Impact Award
(For education institutions and non profit groups)

Environmental Stewardship

Safety Performance

Community and Social Investment

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You may also print and fill out the form below and send to or
PO Box 831668, San Antonio, TX 78283:

Nomination Form



Winners will be announced in December.